GAGAN SIS available from PRN 127 and PRN 132. SIS from PRN 128 is in TEST mode till 11th October due to software upgradation


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Title Status
NOTAM 19/A1262 archive A1262_19.pdf
NOTAM 19/A1261 archive A1261_19.pdf
NOTAM 19/A1258 archive A1258_19.pdf
NOTAM 18/A1935 archive A1935_18.pdf
NOTAM 18/A1807 archive A1807_18.pdf
NOTAM 18/A1466 archive A1466_18.pdf
NOTAM 17/A2540 archive notam prn 128 nov 29.pdf
NOTAM 17/A2273 archive A2273_17.pdf
NOTAM 17/A2222 (NOTAM for 03/11/2017, 04:30 to 09:30 UTC) archive A2222_17.pdf
NOTAM 17/A2220 (NOTAM for 02/11/2017, 04:30 to 09:30 UTC) archive A2220_17.pdf