DGCA Certification

  • The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has renewed the GPS Aided GEO Augmented Navigaion (GAGAN) system for Navigation Performance level of Approach with Vertical Guidance (APV-1) over India & Required Navigation performance (RNP0.1) within Indian Flight Information Regions upto 18th July 2026.
  • The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) formed a Technical Review Team (TRT) to examine specific safety-related artifacts and hazard records and to provide recommendations for resolving any observed issues.
  • AAI had engaged the MITRE Corporation to support the certification effort. A two-step certification decision was adopted for GAGAN implementation. The TRT reviewed the integrity-related artifacts and hazard records and recommended the findings to the certifying authority (DGCA) for certification. A Hazard Review Board analyzed and reviewed the effect of software and hardware changes recommended by the TRT on system performance, and cleared GAGAN for certification.
  • The system and facility certification process was completed with joint inspection and review of all ground-based installations and documentation, as well as the system safety and environmental management processes. A team comprising members from DGCA, AAI, and ISRO conducted the inspection. Initially, the DGCA certified GAGAN for en route operations (RNP 0.1) on December 30, 2013, and subsequently on April 21, 2015, for precision approach services (APV 1). APV1-certified GAGAN signals are being broadcast since May19,2015.